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Feminine leadership: what that means in every day life

  • Im Lohnhof – Foyer 8 Im Lohnhof Basel, BS, 4051 Switzerland (map)


Tapping into feminine leadership and its meaning in every day life.

Stories live inside us and shape our lives. Freeing ourselves from the story we are told a regenerative energy is unleashed this is what we call: feminine power.

Participants will learn through a powerful practice to:

  • Shift Perception
  • Un-lock their true feminine power
  • Write new stories.

We are at a juncture where we need feminine voices, intelligence, compassion to help us navigate the challenges of work and life. This workshop is designed to guide the participants to centre around their feminine power and positively impact the world. We define ourselves through stories and understanding our own feminine story is key to understand the whole of ourselves, the world and our power to transform it. We will learn that feminine power is not acquired but already existing within us. However, we have to become willing to experience it and move from HIStory to HERstory. By accessing the feminine power (both in women and men) within us we can re-write a collective happily ever after where both men and women can connect more consciously. As we start seeing how stories have affected us we gain insight into internal structures of our mind and how these could actually be obsolete. This is the path to the centre of the labyrinth of integrating both feminine and masculine traits.

Fateme Banishoeib is the founder of ReNEWBusiness GmbH a think tank for leaders and organisations on a mission to make business a human experience. Fateme works at the intersection of integrity, inclusion and innovation. Fateme is also a published poet, her last collection “The Whisper” charts the journey of leadership of self before the leadership of others.