Events to do with the body, gender and sexuality in Basel

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Bikini Space - Safety Travelling Soloshow by Nural Moser

  • Bikini Space 41 Voltastrasse Basel, BS, 4056 Switzerland (map)

Statment by the artist in collaboration with Dr Milosz Paul Rosinski

[...About one year ago, I decided to start wearing a burqua every time I would go to the airport to air travel. It was a quite intuitive decision, something I needed to do emerging out of dealing with the general question of freedom of choice versus power structures, such as religion. As a woman in the 21st century, I am engaging with the struggle between female freedom and oppression. I always was and still am surrounded by strong voices, expressions, and fights of female empowerment. While some men are allies in this struggle, it is unnerving me, and I simply cannot accept without acting against those, whom oppress women. I was engaging in many conversations about the question of how much out of a free choice a woman is wearing a burqua or hijab. But in the end, I felt like I am not able to make any kind of judgment – until I know how it feels on my own body, which started Safety Travelling...]

Opening: 01.11.2018, 7 pm

Closing: 23.11.2018 with Performance and Q&A