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THE ART OF INTERVENTION: «Performing in public space at the time of identity claims and political resistances»

  • Kunstmuseum Gegenwart 60 Sankt Alban-Rheinweg Basel, BS, 4052 Switzerland (map)

Michèle Magema, Paris

In Kooperation mit Ethnologie, African Studies

Moderation: Lesley Braun

Michèle Magema is a Congolese-French video, performance, and photography artist. She was born in Kinshasa Démocratic Républic of Congo in 1977. She emigrated to Paris, France in 1984, where she currently resides.
In 2002 she received her MA in fine arts from l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Cergy. In addition to being a resident artist at Cité Internationale des Arts, she has participated in the Africa Remix Exhibition in Centre Pompidou. Her work has been exhibited in the Global Feminisms exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, the Hirshoron Museum, and Sculpture Garden.
One of her most well-known works is Oyé Oyé, (2004) a two‐channel video installation, in which a woman (Magema) is shown marching in place on the left, while on the right historic footage of Zaire’s Mobutu Sese Seko overseeing parades of Congolese cultural pride.
A key focus, for her, is articulating a permanent exchange between individual stories, collective memorie and History.