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Docvale and Tyka - Tying with Friends

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After two years playing with ropes, he met Tyka at the end of 2011 and they found a common passion for Japanese ropes bondage. He began practicing regularly and intensively under the influence of Hajime Kinoko and Riccardo Wildties, watching their videos of performances.

Less than a year later he made his first public appearances in France as a performer and joined the educational team at “L’Ecole des Cordes” in Paris.

2013 marked the time of his first international performances in Europe. He kept on improving technically but began to see the “connection” between the rigger and the model in ropes, crossing paths with Riccardo Wildties, Jack TheWhipper and Wykd Dave.

The psychological aspect of ropes became increasingly important in the way he attached and it is at this precise time that he discovered Akira Naka’s kinbaku, the Semenawa. This intense and psychological style of bondage highlighted Docvale’s own BDSM’s expectations and confirmed his dedication to it. He became one of the first French riggers who tied in this style.

In September 2014, it is in collaboration with Riccardo Wildties that they decided to settle “L’Ecole des Cordes” as the first European school dedicated to Akira Naka’s style.

July 2015, he decided to organise his own workshops to teach the style he is inspired by. And his collaboration with Wildties is continuing in common events in which they can promote Naka Ryu together using their both interpretations of the style.

In the continuation of the meeting with Akira Naka in Rome in July 2015, Tyka and Docvale will make a trip to Japan in March 2016 in order to meet with the master of the style. The purpose of the trip is to compare their work with the opinion of the latter. Now new doors are opened in their way into kinbaku.

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