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Erotic Rituals With Sarka

  • Werkraum Warteck pp 7 Burgweg Basel, BS, 4058 Switzerland (map)

The etymology of the word erotic comes from mid 17th century: from French érotique, from Greek erōtikos, from erōs, erōt- ‘sexual love’. It is about relating to or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement rather than having penetrative sex, which is not a focus of the workshop. During the workshop you would be introduced to another way of approaching your sexuality through rituals of conscious play. We, together, will create a safe container for exploration. When we were children we played a lot, different role playing (princes, witches, doctors, animals etc), and various games. However, when we grow older we suddenly become more serious, stop playing as we perceive it as something infantile. But, it is not.

Now, as adults, we have the bonus and understanding to play with our sexual or erotic energy, and consciously and safely use psychological power dynamics which we did not have a clue about they were existing when we were children.

Erotic rituals

''I believe in rituals, and I deeply enjoy them. I believe that rituals slow you down in your busy life. They make you more conscious and increase your level of attention.''

This workshop will be consisted of two parts

The Poetry of Dominance and Submission

The inner conflict and surrender connected with dominance and submission are enduring themes in human culture and civilization. In human sexuality, this has broadened to include mutual exploration of roles, emotions, and activities that would be difficult or impossible to act out without a willing partner taking an opposing role.

So what is it about being submissive that can make it thrilling as opposed to threatening? And what is it about being dominant?

Meditative Whipping Ritual

We will learn how to safely handle the whip, authentically connect with each other, give and receive physical impact, as well as to learn the chemical process that happens in our body during such play. It is not about blood or hitting as hard as you can. These are only images inflicted by mainstream medias. It is a conscious massage ritual. It is an elegant and graceful dance, which is about connecting to one another through a different medium, which, in this case, is the whip, an extension of your hand.


Come and find out for yourself. In this workshop we will use a sense of slowness, safety, humour, playfulness as we dive into exploration of these profound and omnipresent dynamics. We will work in pairs, trios, and as a group. You do only what you want to do. There is not coercion of any kind. The most important thing is you have to feel comfortable. In this workshop all is based on mutual consent.

Please, note, this workshop is not a therapy, although such practices might have also a therapeutic nature. This workshop is an introduction into conscious, erotic, safe, psychological, emotional, experiential, bodily practices.

Who is it for? All sexual orientations are welcome, singles, couples, different ages (min 18years old)

What to bring? If you have your own whip/flogger then bring it. Otherwise, there will be some provided too.

When? 10am - 1pm 

1pm - 2.30pm Lunch break 

2.30pm - 6pm 

Price - Suggested donation between 85.00 fr - 250.00 fr, depending on your income and your liking. This concept is based on trust and a supportive group behaviour. Let's all work with inclusion. I want everyone to be able to attend this workshop hence, financial issues should not be the reason to not attend. If you cannot pay, drop me an email and I will find a solution for you.

Registration: sharka.rey@gmail.com

Please note, the amount of places at this workshop are limited. Hence, to secure your spot I ask for 50.00fr deposit which is non-refundable. (This is non-applicable for those who do not pay due to financial matters).


I am a Czech born and Basel-based bodyworker, yoga teacher, international retreat and workshop organiser, conscious sexuality educator with experience in and passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, contact improvisation, theatre improvisation, and martial arts. 

From 2009 to 2012 I studied psychology at West London University which helps me to differentiate subtle aspects of the human psyche and its processes. Since 2013 I have been connected to the Schwelle7 project in Berlin (an artistic & educational venue for body/mind/conscious sexuality practices) created by Felix Ruckert who remains a respected influence and inspiration. I received yoga teaching qualification in India in 2013 and was invited to teach at the same school, Bindusar Yoga School Rishikesh, right after. After, I moved to the Philippines creating there a yoga community and regular "'Weekend Well-Being Retreats" in Sibulan. From 2014 to 2017 I had been organising annual ''Contact Improvisation Event in the Philippines'' with international teachers, introducing this form of alternative movement practice to local communities. Next to that I worked on human empowerment at the local detention center, and with sexually abused women using such tools as movement therapy, yoga, meditation and general psychology. In 2015, I moved my base to Berlin from where, I started to conduct international retreats and workshops in England, Spain, Holland, Germany, Norway, Australia and the Philippines on conscious sexuality, movement, empowerment, personal growth and yoga. Besides, I have been involved in various artistic projects as a performer.

I like to inspire people sharing my varied experiences and perspectives on living life. I like exploring limits of different intensities, both subtle and extreme. With the workshop I invite you to be a part of the magical and transformative space ‘in between’ where change occurs and new rituals are born. 

‘’Learning is movement from moment to moment’’ (Krishnamurti)

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