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The Mouth - Workshop at Luststreifen Queer Film Festival Basel

  • The Place 2BE Basel Switzerland (map)

What does your mouth mean to you? How much are you aware of it? Do you use its full potential? Can you imagine your life without it? I would like to invite you for a 90min workshop in which we first engage in a discussion and then dive into the mouth/jaw exploration. We will be looking at various faculties such significant body entrance and exit point has to offer, relaxation techniques, bitting, sucking, kissing, and dragging.

Both workshops are open to people with any sexual preferences and skill levels. They are equally suitable for those participating alone or with a partner. Come as individuals or in pairs/trios/groups.

Please, be aware that both workshops start on time. Once the door closes no one can enter. 

Price - based on donation CHF 15 - 30 (pay after the workshop at the spot)

If you cannot pay due to your financial situation is not allowing it come along nevertheless. I would like to make this work accessible to as many people as possible and financial matters should not be the problem. This system is based on trust.