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Wheel Of Consent Workshop

  • Stiller Raum in Warteck 7 Burgweg Basel, BS, 4058 Switzerland (map)

We invite you to a 2,5-days introduction workshop on the Wheel of Consent, a powerful tool developed by Betty Martin. In this weekend you will learn about noticing, what it means to follow that feels good to yourself, to make requests to give or receive, and having clarity of “who is doing” and “who is it for” to have more satisfying experiences. 

Learning the Wheel of Consent happens through touch exercises. Understanding and embodying consent can only happen through a somatic experience and any instance of touch presents its own challenges, lessons and joys. For example, having the courage to ask for what you want or feeling safe enough to receive. It will bring you in a position of choice and empowerment. 

YOU WILL EXPERIENCE four ways of touch that relate within clear agreements:
- Taking for your own pleasure: you do what you want, while respecting the giver’s boundaries
- Allowing another to take from you: they do what they want with your permission, while maintaining your boundaries
- Serving another for their pleasure: you do what they want, within your boundaries and
- Accepting the gift of another’s service: they do what you want, while maintaining their boundaries.

It is impossible to know what the four quadrants in the wheel are, unless you take them apart to experience each of them in a single way. Once you get it in your hands, the quality of your touch will improve and you can create clear agreements to experience satisfying connection to yourself and others. It can bring about profound change in all areas of your life: money, intimate relationships, parenthood, teamwork, sexuality, etc. 

This weekend offers many opportunities and support to learn and experiment. In any moment you can choose how you want to participate in the exercises. The workshop will be clothes on and there will be no genital touch. No prior experience is needed. It will be held in English, but German, Dutch and Swedish translation is possible.

The Wheel of Consent is for everybody, experienced or new to it. It takes time and practice to feel it in your body. New levels of awareness will happen and it improves the quality of your touch. 
This workshop is for you, if you value clear and direct communication, if you're curious about your pleasure potential, and if you long for deeper connection with an intimate partner, your family, friends and colleagues.
It is an irreplaceable tool for bodyworkers. As a professional it is very important to know and feel what your intention is when you touch, to be aware of your blind spots and to empower your clients.

If you want to join the workshop, please send an email to f_eberhardt@online.de and you will receive an email with payment details to complete the registration.

Friday 07.09.18 / 19.00-22.00Uhr
Saturday 08.09.18 / 10.00-13.00Uhr and 14.00-18.00Uhr
Sunday 09.09.18 / 10.00-13.00Uhr and 14.00-17.00Uhr

Location: Stiller Raum im Werkraum Warteck pp
Burgweg 7, CH 4058 Basel

Investment: CHF 300,00

Contact: PM Frida or call: +49 1773683282

Zmaryaley – facilitator:
Along his path of self development he experienced the power to heal and transform trauma and shadows through sexuality, therapy and religious disciplines such as buddhism and sufism. He was introduced to the Wheel of Consent 3 years ago, he realised that this practice is a way of healing and growth through empowerment. He now passionately guides people in workshops and private sessions working with the Wheel of Consent. 

Nynke – facilitator:
Her work and passion is to create and hold a space for healing, self-exploration and empowerment. Her dedicated practice of Wheel of Consent started in her intimate relationship with Zmaryaley, it has a big impact on their personal growth and ability to relate deeper to one another. She loves to spread this work together with him in workshops. As a bodyworker she offers sexual healing and empowerment sessions to women based on the Wheel of Consent.

They are in training with Betty Martin at School of Consent: http://schoolofconsent.org/

Frida – organizer and assistant:
She lives since 3 years in Basel and offers sexological co-creative bodywork that supports people who came out of balance through difficult experience or who are curious about their personal sexology for any other reason. Her knowledge is mainly based on Sexological Bodywork, Self:Cervix, De-armouring, Tantra, Osteo- & Thaiyoga Massage, Shibari, Butoh and Performance Art.

“I loved this workshop to learn and especially experience the deeper essence of the Wheel of Consent. Very empowering in daily life, my relations and intimate relation. Nynke and Zmaryaley are very open and honest facilitators and create a safe space to practice and share.” (Pascal)

“It was really valuable to attend. I was introduced to the Wheel of Consent in a 10-day workshop but now I really get it because I could experience more of it. It was very powerful to practice my “no”. It was great to feel how everybody could be authentic in how they participated. It was great to be part of it. As teachers they really embody the Wheel and it was a joy to see them in action together.” (Miep) 

“For us, the timing of attending this workshop was excellent. Me and my partner both felt lighter about our relationship afterwards. Some pressure had dropped and we feel more connected, also in the bedroom. The days following we applied the Wheel in our daily life, it still feels a bit challenging, but at the same time it is liberating and exciting. The question that has become important is: what do I want?” (Stella)

“I had the honour to participate last weekend. Zmaryaley and Nynke guide in a beautiful and loving way. For me it was an intense and mainly clarifying 2-days. I am dedicated to learn and feel more about the Wheel of Consent. It is useful for anyone in any stage of life, but especially for body workers.” (Juli)