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telling stories

  • Kaserne Klybeckstrasse 1b Basel, BS, 4057 Switzerland (map)

With the focus firmly on telling stories, a spectrum of narrative perspectives and narrative forms in theatre, dance, performance, music, video and literature provides an excellent starting point for this year’s new season: Through intercontinental collaborations with Marie-Caroline Hominal & Nelisiwe Xaba, Dorine Mokha & Elia Rediger as well as solo works by Rasha Nahas, Boris Nikitin, Luanda Casella, Ogutu Muraya and Cynthia Edul, the spotlight is on the latest creations, which blend with the practice of storytelling in various ways. At the heart of the artistic works is the detailed examination of bodies, identities and belonging. Perspective and authorship are central aspects of the works that develop between Basel and Lubumbashi, Geneva and Johannesburg, São Paolo and Gent, Nairobi and Amsterdam, Buenos Aires and Aleppo.



11., 13., 14., 17.9., 18:00 h

Reithalle | video installation
Curated by Kadiatou Diallo (ZA/CH)


11., 14.9., 19:00 h

Rossstall I | Dance

Marie-Caroline Hominal (CH/FR), Nelisiwe Xaba (ZA)


11.9., 21:00 h / 14.9., 21:00 h / 15.9., 19:00 h
Reithalle | Theatre/Performance
Boris Nikitin (CH)
Attempt on dying

13.9., ab 18:30 h

Reithalle/Rossstall I + II | Dance/Video/Lecture Performance/Party
being here, doing this!
Curated by Ahmed Jizawi, Eva Seck, Sumitra Keshava, Martin R. Dean und Legion Seven (CH) 


15.9., 17:00 h
Rossstall II | Reading/Talk
Cynthia Edul (AR)
The land was beginning to burn

17.9., 19:00 h
Rossstall II | Lecture performance
Ogutu Muraya (KE/NL)
On thin ice

17.9., 21:00 h
Reithalle | Performance
Luanda Casella (BR/BE)
Short of Lying

18.9., 20:30 (Doors)
Rossstall I | Songwriter
Rasha Nahas (PS)


20., 21.9., 20:00
Reithalle | Musical theatre
Dorine Mokha (CD) & Elia Rediger (CH)
Herkules von Lubumbashi